Nigerian star actress is at the 25th African summit in south afríca, where she is making her voice heard on issues concerning child marriage and crimes against underage children. 

The summit ended with a cocktail event. Omotola wore an electrifying Iconic in vanity cape to the event in honour of Soweto. She looked stunning, trust omosexy! More pictures after the cut



Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari goes to katsina his home state to observe the month of Ramadam. The governor of kaduna state mallam EL Rufai travelled to katsIna with the president.


Important personalities in katsina met with the president. The political circle and important DIGNITRIES of katsina  met with mr president


Ramadam is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Everyday during this month Muslims around the world spend the daylight in a fast. The month is used by Muslims to re-evaluate their lives in the light of Islamic guidance.   

We wish mr president a happy, wonderful and peaceful Ramadam. Ramadam Kareem!!! 




Shopping for new perfumes and fragrances can be tricky if you’re not sure how to explain the scents you like. Talking about a fragrance can be as difficult as describing a glass of wine, with so many different layers of scents becoming noticeable as you enjoy it.  I will show you how to identify the fragrances you are looking for and understand eau de parfum and eau de toilette concentrations,trying to make buying perfume and cologne easier, even when you’re shopping online and can’t physically smell the scents.

Perfumes and fragrances are intricate creations with many layers of scents, called “notes,” that become noticeable as the fragrance dries. There are usually three main layers: top notes, middle notes and base notes. Perfumes and colognes fall into a fragrance family based on the most noticeable notes — the scents in the middle layer. Because there are many different scents in perfumes and colognes, a fragrance may not fit precisely into one group. These are the general families of fragrances, and when you know which ones appeal to you, you can shop for new perfumes by looking for the middle notes that you like.


Floral: Although many people associate all perfumes with the scent of flowers, floral fragrances are just one type of fragrance. This is one of the most popular types, however. Because there are so many floral fragrances, they range from soft florals to bright florals, with many different variations in-between. Florals can be warmed up with spices and often feature rose, lily, gardenia, jasmine or tuberose scents. They tend to be romantic and feminine and often make up women’s perfumes (although, as with all perfumes, sharing is allowed).

Amber: Amber fragrances, also known as Oriental fragrances, are based on the warm, incense-like scent that comes from an old perfume ingredient, ambergris. Natural ambergris, which was used historically as a scent stabilizer, comes from the digestive tract of sperm whales, an endangered species, so synthetic ambergris is used now. In addition to synthetic ambergris, amber fragrances feature labdanum, the resin of a plant that grows prolifically in the Middle East and Far East. These perfumes are often combined with vanilla and wood scents. Amber fragrances have a spicy warmth that makes them appropriate for men and women who like an exotic, mysterious cologne or perfume.
Woody: Scents that recall the sensory experiences of a forest, woody perfumes range from light, mossy and fresh to warm, dry, dark and spicy. Woody fragrances combine well with amber fragrances and vanilla. These scents feature woods like cedar, agarwood (also known as “oudh”) and sandalwood, often accompanied with lavender, patchouli, lime, bergamot or ginger. Earthy, woody scents are popular in both men’s fragrances and women’s fragrances. These scents are perfect for people who love the rugged comfort of the outdoors and are not easily swayed by trends.
Leather: While leather scents may not smell exactly like the leather interior of a luxury car, they do have a deep, warm scent that alludes to leather or suede. The leathery scents come from honey, cloves, tobacco and cedar and are often layered with citrus notes. Leather fragrances are for people who like the traditional feeling of a leather jacket, a tack shop or a leather armchair. Leather fragrances can come in either men’s fragrances or women’s perfumes, although they are more often men’s.
Aquatic: Also known as oceanic or ozonic fragrances, aquatic fragrances have a fresh scent that is often described as “clean.” The aquatic fragrance of the ocean is often created with layers of light floral and citrus scents, although there is an ingredient called “calone” that is used in some fragrances to duplicate the slightly floral scent of an ocean breeze. Fans of aquatic fragrances tend to be sporty, youthful and energetic. Although there are a wide variety of men’s aquatic fragrances, they are often marketed as unisex perfumes.
Gourmand: Like the tantalizing scent of a gourmet meal, the appeal of food is undeniable. Gourmand fragrances mimic the scents of desserts and other edibles. Citrus and fruity designer fragrances are fresh and light, just like their food counterparts. The scents may come from blossoms or leaves, but many are synthetic. Vanilla fragrances are often accompanied by other spicy “flavors,” and some vanilla fragrances smell like cookies, cupcakes or even pumpkin pie. Chocolate fragrances have a nutty, bittersweet scent like dark chocolate. Gourmand fragrances come both as men’s cologne and women’s perfume.
Blends: Fragrances from the family of chypre (pronounced “sheepra”) fragrances have a citrus top-note with a base of oak moss, labdanum or synthetic ambergris. Earthy, woodsy chypre fragrances often feature notes of patchouli or bergamot. The overall effect is an elegant, dry scent that is not at all sweet. Fragrances in the fougere family contain elements of other fragrances and usually feature a top note of lavender and base notes of coumarin (a chemical compound found in plants like tonka beans and vanilla grass), bergamot and oak moss. Woody and spicy fougere scents are often found in men’s cologne.
Fragrances are categorized by the concentration of the aromatic compounds, the ingredients that provide the scent. The more concentrated the aromatic compounds, the stronger, longer lasting and often more expensive a fragrance will be. The rest of the fragrance is the liquid carrier, usually ethanol or a mix of ethanol and water.
Eau de parfum or eau de perfume: Perfume is about 20 percent aromatic compounds; in some cases, it is even more concentrated.

Eau de toilette: An eau de toilette is about 10 percent aromatic compounds.

Eau de cologne: Colognes are made up of 2 to 5 percent aromatic compounds.
Scented lotions and powders, splash perfumes and aftershaves: Scented products like these contain from less than 1 percent to 2 percent aromatic compounds, perfect for a light scent or for layering. Perfume gift sets often include lotions and other body products in matching scents.

You may be wondering how many sprays you will get out of a bottle of perfume or cologne. While there is no exact way to measure how many spritzes you will get from each bottle, you can roughly estimate what you will get for your money.

Remember that every manufacturer is different, so this is just an average. A woman might spray each pulse point, while a man should just spray his neck twice per wearing.
0.11-ounce Mini: provides approximately 20 to 60 sprays.

1.7-ounce Bottle: provides somewhere between 400 and 1000 sprays.

3.4-ounce Bottle: provides about 800 to 2000 sprays.
So when shopping for next time, you know exactly what to get for yourself or for a loved one. Have a fab day!


  International music star Akon Thione Nian has brought solar lighting to 11 in Africa countries. These countries include Mali,Senegal,Republic of guinea, Benin,Niger,Burkinna faso, Brazzaville,Gabon,Sierra leone, Equatorial Guienea and Kenya. Over 600 million Africans do not have electricity or any form of power supply ,


This is the first time an African musician is launching an initiative of this kind. The initiative was launched in 2014, it aims to accelerate the electrification of Africa, by installing in rural communities off grid solar solutions, situated to home and collective use. In May 2015 the first installment was carried out.


The initiative has provided local Jobs primarily for young people, whether for installation or for maintanance of equipment.


Thank you Akon for solar electricity, we can now forget kerosine that is harmful and so expensive.                   Tnambokh village, Senegal.

Now I can recharge my phone at home, I don’t have to walk hours or to pay for that.                                                         Inhabitant of a village , Niger

Electricity is one of the problems facing some African counries, Nigeria inclusive. 

More pictures after the cut.                                                                                                   


9billon naira clothes

There is a lot of controversy sprouting concerning the 9billion naira wordrobe       allowance as demaned by the lawmakers.  

8.67 billion naira was demanded by the NASS for wordrobe allowance. This is causing the people to ask questions 

Presently about 90% of Nigerians live on a average of 1dollar a day, 

ALAAFIN STEPS OUT WITH WIVES.                                                                                                                  Story by Bola Omotosho

   Ikubabayeye the alaafin of Oyo empire steps out in style with his wives. Paparazzi  caught up with him  when he was leaving his home to attend the inauguration ceremony of the 8th National Assembly in Abuja. They really look beautiful. See more photos after the cut. 


OUTBREAK OF  ANOTHER EPIDERMIC CALLED MERS                                                                          Story by Bolanle Omotosho

 More than 2,500 people have been quarantined as South Korea battles with the outbreak of MERS. More schools have been closed and some people have been quarantined in their homes. South Korea’s MERS outbreak was first reported on the 20th of May, through an health worker who arrived from Saudi Arabia. About 98 persons have been hospitalized and 7 deaths recorded so far.
MERS stands for Middle East respiratory syndrome virus. It was detected in Saudi Arabia in 2012. It is coronavirus, a family of viruses that causes severe and acute upper respiratory illness. The symptoms include inability to breathe, fever, cough and total shortness of breath. It can be  passed from person to persons via close contact and droplets, but it has not been proved to be Airborne. It is a relative of SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome virus that swept around the world infecting more than 8,000 people globally and killing 774 before it was stopped.
IS THERE A CURE                                        

There is presently no cure  or treatment and no vaccine for MERS. It’s death rate is fairly high. Scientist and laboratory scientist are working seriously to find a cure for this virus.

WHO(world health organization)

Experts of the world health organization who have dealt with MERS will arrive South Korea to access the pattern of the virus, spread and ways to stop it from spreading. South Korea is not the only country Experiencing the outbreak of MERS. As of Wednesday 1,179 cases have been confirmed in 25 countries

according to WHO data. Two cases were in the United States, both were health workers who lived in Saudi Arabia says WHO.


Wash your hands regularly, Cover your nose and mouths when you cough or sneeze, and dispose the tissue in the trash. Wear your mask but for short period of time. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, nose with unwashed hands. Avoid contacts such as kissing, sharing cups or sharing eating utensils with sick people.


Members of the public have been adviced to avoid traveling to South Korea .